Sample Submission

Three steps are required to submit a sample to our facility:

  1. Prior to submitting a sample, please arrange for a consultation with MS Core staff.  Samples will not be accepted without prior consultation.
  2. A sample submission form must be filled out and submitted to  Please download the sample submission form here.
  3. After submission, your sample will be assigned a Project Number.  MS Core staff will manage the project and will guide experiments based on established Standard Operating Procedures.


Contact Us

Xinggui Shen, PhD
Director of MS Core
Assistant Professor of Pathology and Translational Pathobiology
(318) 675-3371

Ellen Speers, PhD
Research Specialist, Mass Spectrometry
(318) 675-8179

Christopher Kevil, PhD
Scientific Advisor, MS Core
Vice Chancellor for Research and Dean of the School of Graduate Studies
(318) 675-4694

Hyung Nam, PhD
Scientific Advisor, MS Core
Assistant Professor of Pharmacology,Toxicology & Neuroscience
(318) 675-3241