IncuCyte Zoom

IncuCyte ZOOM® consists of a microscope that resides in the cell incubator, and a networked external controller hard drive that collects and processes image data. The instrument has three microscope objectives (4x, 10x, 20x) that can be interchanged by the operator.

Our IncuCyte ZOOM® houses up to six flasks or microtiter plates and can acquire >2000 images per hour. IncuCyte ZOOM® supports HD phase-contrast, green fluorescence and red fluorescence automated imaging modes.

Software applications offer quantifiable analysis of a variety of cell processes including proliferation, apoptosis, cell motility and cell invasion. We have modified the Incucyte ZOOM system to automatically acquire real time data for growth of 3D spheroids allowing for testing in an environment more closely mimicking in vivo conditions.



Ana-Maria Dragoi, MD, PhD
Associate Director, INLET
Feist-Weiller Cancer Center
(318) 675-4216

Jennifer Carroll, PhD
Translational Research Specialist, INLET
Feist-Weiller Cancer Center
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