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The Feist-Weiller Cancer Center’s (FWCC) Innovative North Louisiana Experimental Therapeutics program (INLET) is a high-throughput high-content screening (HTS) facility focused on the discovery and development of drugs targeting cancer and other diseases. We provide expertise and protocol design for a variety of assays for biological research, including:  Cell proliferation, Cell viability, Phagocytosis, Chemotaxis, Cell migration/invasion, 3D spheroid growth. INLET Core provides cutting edge, multiplexed functional imaging platforms to perform multi-well high-throughput live-cell imaging and analysis assays.

“We have worked with INLET for the past 5 years in developing a new drug for pancreatic cancer. INLET has done a fantastic job in assessing the drug properties on cancer cells in both in vitro and in vivo. Their screening platforms are outstanding and I really appreciate the direct interaction and comprehensive reports they provided for us.  We work with the major academic research centers all over the world, and the team at INLET has always been on time and provided scientific insights which have proven to be extraordinary value.   As a result of our collaboration we filed patent applications and we are pursuing new federal-funded grants and additional biotech collaborations.”
Ross Barrett, CEO
K94 Discoveries Inc


Ana-Maria Dragoi, MD, PhD
Associate Director, INLET
Feist-Weiller Cancer Center 
(318) 675-4216

Brian Latimer
Research Associate

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